Poll: Marylanders Back Religious School Choice
ROCKVILLE, MD (April 25, 2018)A majority of Marylanders (51 percent) support giving parents the freedom to use public school dollars to send their child to a private religious school. That is according to a recent statewide survey of likely voters commissioned by the Maryland Public Policy Institute. The poll also reveals Marylanders have vastly different priorities for public education depending on what region of the state they live in. Read more    

Memo: Survey casts doubt on Kirwan Commission plan
ROCKVILLE, MD (April 19, 2018) –  A survey from Burton Research & Associates casts doubt on several sweeping proposals offered by the state’s closely-watch education reform commission, known as the Kirwan Commission on Innovation & Excellence in Maryland. Read more

Poll: School Safety, Career Skills Top Priorities for Md. Voters
ROCKVILLE, MD (April 19, 2018) — Improving school safety and career training are the top education spending priority for both republicans and democrats in Maryland. That is according to a new statewide survey of voter perceptions on major education issues like teacher pay and pre-K expansion. Commissioned by the Maryland Public Policy Institute, the survey results also cast doubt on recommendations proposed by the state’s Kirwan Commission on Innovation & Excellence in Education heading into the 2018 election cycle. Read more